Katie’s Back :)

Hey, Its Katie from http://www.Katieinwonderlandx.wordpress.com

Decided to start my blog all over again from scratch.

New Blog, Fresh Start etc.

Anyway. You know how suicide isnt meant to be funny and all that? Well, it is.

My friend Chels and I were sitting outside on my bedroom window sill on Monday night, ready to go on a night out. We’d had a couple of drinks, and thought we’d just have a smoke to calm down after all the hairspray, fake-tan smudging and false eyelas gluing. She asked if I would be okay to be drinking, since I was in withdrawals from citalopram and had spent much of the day with my head in the toilet, much to her amusement.

I made a joke about keeping me away from sharp objects.

She turned to me and said.

‘Katie, If you ever killed yourself, that would kill me’

I smiled and shook my head. Told to her to shut up and stop being so melodramatic. (coming from me!). But she went on.

‘No really, it would kill me. And that would kill my dad. And then that would kill my dogs, and WOAH this shit just got serious’

By this point I am practically falling out of the window in hysterics.

‘You just killed my childhood pets with your craziness bitch, get a grip of yourself, that is so selfish, they are harmless,¬†defenseless¬†animals!’

Oh she does make me smile. Funny Girl. Who needs enemies with friends like Chels?….





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